Top Android Apps 2017

Hey guys...

Today I will tell you.......Best Android apps of 2017.These apps are really helpful, entertaining and interesting.

Apps description and links are given below..:---


Description:--    This app is really useful for you. Example:--Suppose you want to send a WhatsApp message to someone but not want to save his/her number,Then you can send the message with the help of this app.

Another interesting thing about this app is that you can send message to yourself also 😂 .Its for fooling your friends.😁 
Link 4 the app..:---👇👇



Description:--2nd app is LiveNetTV. The name telling everything that with the help of this app, You can watch free TV.

Yes..!! It's Free......

You can watch almost every channel for free...

Just download app and enjoy....👇


3.Flynx browser

Description:--3rd app is Flynx Browser. This app is also very helpful.
Example:-Suppose you are using an app like WhatsApp and there is a link and u have to open that link....But on the other hand, You don't want to leave whatsapp.
Then this app is for you.
With the help of this app,when u click on any link,Then that link will open in background and this app will open a browser heads like Chat heads for Messenger.

When u use it,You will love it.

Download now.:----👇👇

Flynx Browser


Description:--Another great app for Android users. This app is helpful in downloading videos from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.
The app is very simple to use and very helpful also.So don't waste your time and download this app.



Description:--5th and last another great app for Android users.
Suppose your friend sent you a message on WhatsApp and you want to see that message without knowing him/her.
Then this app is really helpful for you.

So just download this app and enjoy.




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