Best android apps November 2k17.........

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I am back with a new post in which i will tell you about top android apps November 2017.

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1.  Portra

This is an app which helps you a lot in editing pictures.
It has lots of cool art effects.You should give it a try atleast once.
It can:-
Make your pets lovely! 
Make a portrait more dramatic!! 
Turn your artistic selfie into a real artwork!

From watercolor that spreads out beautiful colors
to detailed sketches, perfect oil paintings and trendy illustrations! 
More than 19 colorful filters are available. 

  PORTRA – Stunning art filter- screenshot

Download Link---


2.   FONTY

This is also a wonderful app.Try it aleast once.

With the help of this app,You can create your own fonts,with your own handwriting.

  Fonty - Draw and Make Fonts- screenshot

Download Link....--


3.    Wave Control

Another great app available on play store.....Named---Wave Control

This app actually perform actions from the proximity sensor.

In Free version-You can control your Music through your proximity sensor.
In Paid version-You can do something lot more also...

Give it a try atleast once.

  Wave Control- screenshot

Download Link----

Wave Control

4.     I Hack You

This app is available on play store from a very long time.
Still it is a great app available on play store.

This app is helpful in  learning a lot about hacking.
So let's give it a try once.

  I Hack You- screenshot

Download Link----

I Hack You

5.       WhatTheFont

Last app in my list is WhatTheFont.
Name telling us everything,that this app recognize the fonts,or font name.

Yes ,this app is helpful in finding font name.
Read full description from the Download Link-

  WhatTheFont- screenshot

Download Link---


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