Top Android Apps March 2018

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1. Personality Development

Personality Development is a professional app focused on enhancing your personality through set of specific expert advice with tons of useful tips, training, skill sharing and quotes. Based on real-life survey, the app truly focuses on how to improve every aspect of your personality. Just read carefully, follow every advice and start a process of self-development and improve your personality significantly.

Link for the App--  Personality Development

2. Notin

** Google Play's Best Apps of 2017 Winner

With notin, never forget the little things anymore. It's an easy way to save notes or reminders as a notification.

notin helps you in reminding things you need to do, random numbers you do not want to save in your contacts and many more through the help of Notifications. The reminder doesn't pop-up or rings, it just sits there and still does it's job most efficiently.

• Save what you need, fast
• Be constantly reminded
• Beautifully designed
• Easy to use interface
• No unnecessary or complex features

Link for the app--

3. Excio

Excio is your window to the world of artists, art appreciators, photographers, museums, wildlife reserves, tourist centers and events. Display, discover and share beautiful images. Delivered directly to your phone’s home screen. 

Want to view beautiful images?

Get beautiful pictures sent to you – from around the world. Every time you unlock your phone you'll find a new image to enjoy. There's no admission price to view – Excio is absolutely free to download and use.

Link for the app--- 

4. Dreaming Battery

Minimalist daydream screensaver with lots of customizations to show a beautiful battery while the device is charging.

Customization options available in the app - 

- Time display can be enabled/disabled as per the preference.
- Time format can be set between 12 or 24 hours format.
- Color of the Time can be customized.
- Battery percentage can be enabled/disabled as per the preference.
- Color of Battery can be customized.
- Screen can be dimmed after the screen off timeout.
- Change the size of the battery meter.

How to use the app?

- Download and install Dreaming Battery app
- Open the app, set your preferred settings in the app for the Daydream screen saver
- Click the green 'Cog' icon to go to Daydream system settings directly
- Turn on Daydream feature (some handset manufacturers change the name of this feature to simply 'Screen saver')
- Choose 'Dreaming Battery' from the available screen savers
- Click the three-dot menu at the top and click 'Start now' to preview the screensaver
- Click 'When to start screen saver' and choose from the options as per your preference

Note - If you lock the screen using the Power Key, Daydream doesn't get activated. Daydream activates when you allow the screen to turn off automatically. This is standard Android behavior.

Link for the app-- Dreaming Battery

5. GOM Saver

GOM Saver, built by the video experts at GOM & Company, with the goal to save you memory storage space on your smart phone. Cleaner apps temporarily save a few kilobytes (kb) cleaning cache, but GOM Saver can save you up to gigabytes (Gigs), making a huge impact on your memory storage.

Why is GOM Saver the best memory storage saving app?
* Other apps “Cleaners” just delete cache, and temp files. This is only saves you a few kilobytes (kb) temporarily. Cache and temp files are automatically created when using your phone, such as browsing the internet and chatting. 
* GOM Saver can save you gigabytes (gigs) of memory storage space. It can feel like you have another phone.
* By creating more memory storage space, GOM Saver allows you to keep all your files such as videos, photos, and apps.

Link for the app-- GOM Saver

6. is your place to save, discover, and recommend the best, most interesting links on the Web. 

With, you can create your own personal tag. Use it as a social card for sharing your social profiles digitally, as a place to keep your absolute favorite links (300+ link types supported) the possibilities are endless!

Link for the app---

Link for the YouTube Video---
Link for the YouTube Channel--
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