5 latest WhatsApp features you should know about

5 latest WhatsApp features you should know about

Recently, WhatsApp has rolled out many new features either in a beta update or in a full-blown launch to make our lives a little easier.
They range from downloading deleted media files to being able to request money via WhatsApp Pay.
Let's look at five latest WhatsApp features that have ended up making the chat app even more useful for us.

Voice NotesHands-free recording of voice notes by locking voice recording button

WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature that allows users to lock the voice recording button.
Users will be shown a lock icon when they want to send a voice note on WhatsApp, which has to be slid up to be enabled.
Once that is done, the lock mode will be activated after 0.5 seconds of starting a recording.

WhatsApp PayRequest money on WhatsApp with UPI ID or QR code

Users can now not only make payments but also request money on WhatsApp.
The Request Money feature can only be availed using the UPI ID or QR code and doesn't work on directly selecting a contact.
Go to Settings>Payments>New Payment>enter the UPI address or scan the QR code. You will now see two pop-up options instead of just one: "Request Money" and "Pay Money".

NotificationsControl your notifications better with WhatsApp's 'high priority notifications' feature

WhatsApp's new 'high priority notifications' feature allows you to pin all your notifications, whether from a group or private chat, on top of your phone's notification center so that you don't miss any important messages.
It essentially works like pinning your chats or tweets.
The feature can be enabled or disabled from under the 'Notifications' Setting.

Media FilesRestore deleted media files on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that allows users to download deleted media files.
Earlier, when users deleted media files sent over WhatsApp from their smartphone's gallery, the content was gone forever.
This means that WhatsApp, in order to make the feature work, now stores our encrypted media on its servers even after it has been delivered and downloaded by users.

Dismiss as Admin

WhatsApp has also rolled out a 'Dismiss as Admin' feature that allows admins of group chats to revoke the admin rights of other fellow admins without removing them from the group. This particular option can be accessed by admins from under the Group Info menu.

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